Why my webhook record is gone?

Hey, guys, I have a weird issue happening in my store, I registered a webhook a few days ago with orders/create, it did working very well for first few orders, but today I can’t receive any more, and I just double check it with the webhook list API listed here the record I created is gone, anyone knows what’s happen here?

Hey, Fatima, it’s simon from Shoplazza here, welcome to the community.

I am sorry to hear about your situation here, would you please share me your store_id so that I could help to investigate your issue?

BTW: store_id is at the top-left corner of your store admin area.

Hey, simon, thanks for your help, my store_id is 232261

Hi, Fatima, we are working on it, and the issue has been routed to internal technical support team, will let you know asap if there’s any feedback.

Hi, Fatima, we have some founding here, according to the information we get, I am so sorry to tell your that the WebHook record you described was deleted at 2021, Oct-09, 07:23:22 UTC due to the endpoint have more than 18 error responses while the system retry the event.
Please note that, for every single event, the webhook system will retry the endpoint 18 times within 36 hours from the first event sent. So please make sure your endpoint is available at all time, and return 200 status code if received request correctly.

Please let me know if you need more information on this issue and hope this information could help to troubleshooting.