What is Interaction Source?

What does the Interaction Source Mean?

Trevor from SHOPLAZZA here. Welcome to the Community!

The channels that customers use to access a store are called interaction sources. The source could be a search, a referral link on a website and email, etc.

A customer can visit your store multiple times through different sources, so they are divided into the following two types:

  • First interaction source: The source of the first visit to the store within 30 days
  • Last interaction source: The source of the last visit to the store before placing the order

For example, John clicks on the TikTok ad to visit the store and completes the order during this visit. The source of the first interaction and the source of the last interaction at this time are both TikTok.

While Marry clicks on the Facebook ads to visit the store without making a purchase. 5 days later, she clicks on the link in the email to enter the store and complete the purchase. At this time, the first interaction source is Facebook, and the last interaction source is Email.

I hope this is helpful, please let me know if that works for you, thanks!

If you have any further questions, be sure to reach out to SHOPLAZZA support.