How Do I Manage Blog?

Hi all,

I have a new product ready to be released recently. I heard that publishing a blog is a good way to introduce new products and attract traffic, but I don’t know much about the blog function, can you elaborate?


Hi, @Daenerys !

Trevor from SHOPLAZZA here. Welcome to the Community!

A Blog is an excellent way for merchants to build an audience and generate more traffic and sales for their business. It can also help merchants build a community around their products, increasing user engagement and brand premium. Merchants can create blog posts in the SHOPLAZZA admin and then set the blog position on the home page to enhance the feel of the brand and of the entire website.

  1. Start here: SHOPLAZZA admin > Blog posts > Create blog post

  2. Fill in the Title, Excerpt, Content, Author, and you can choose the publish date for the blog post, then click “Save.” You can also edit SEO keywords in the lower right corner to enhance its ranking Google search results.

  1. Go to “Blogs” to create a blog.

  1. Fill in the blog details and “Add blog posts” to the blog. After adding the blog posts, click “Save” to complete your creation.

  1. After setting up the blogs, you need to put them in “Themes” manually. See below for how to do this

I hope this is helpful, please let me know if that works for you, thanks!

If you have any further questions, be sure to reach out to SHOPLAZZA Help Center