Code of Conduct

The SHOPLAZZA Community provides a safe space for SHOPLAZZA users to learn, seek feedback, obtain peer support, etc.

Anyone who uses SHOPLAZZA or is looking to become an entrepreneur may use this space.

To help you get the most of the SHOPLAZZA Community please review our Code of Conduct.

Adhering to the Code of Conduct and the Community Guidelines can help avoid your posts being marked as spam or your account being banned.

Search first

Given the number of Community posts, SHOPLAZZA Community contains lots of information. We recommend searching for your question before posting a new topic as you might find that a solution may already exist for your question.

When searching, look for the green checkmark to see if a solution was provided, and remember to like the solution if it helped you out!

Stay on topic and avoid posting in older topic threads.

  • Avoid posting in unrelated topics
  • When in doubt, make a new topic

Instead of responding to an older topic that hasn’t received any updates in several months, consider making a new topic and referencing the older topic within.

If you are providing a possible solution you must tailor your reply to explain why the suggestion is a solution to the question asked.

Be Authentic, and Helpful

Being authentic in the Community means tailoring every reply to be unique. Ensure you add value to each post and provide information based on the poster’s context.

Do not claim that you are a SHOPLAZZA Expert/Partner unless you have been granted the appropriate rank within the SHOPLAZZA Community. Impersonating SHOPLAZZA Staff by saying you work for SHOPLAZZA, you are a SHOPLAZZA “Guru,” or “Advisor,” is prohibited.

Be mindful of promoting a service you are offering, as it can be considered spam. If you believe your service is a possible solution to a user’s question, you will need to tailor your reply to explain why. Be transparent whether or not you charge for those services as well.

Do not offer solutions that only direct users away from the Community, such as an affiliate link or promoting another blog, and don’t add any value to the Community.

A simple, *** “I can help, contact me here” *** type of post may be removed by the SHOPLAZZA Community team. To prevent this, add value to your reply by explaining how you might be able to help them.

After some discussion, and if what the user is asking for is very specific, then you can suggest they contact you by saying something along the lines of:

*** “If you’d like to discuss this more, don’t hesitate to send me a PM.” ***

If you’d like to include your contact information then create a signature instead of adding your contact information to your reply. Contact information included in a reply (i.e. Fiverr link, email, whatsapp, skype, phone number) is considered spam and will be removed from the Community.


Spam doesn’t provide any value to the Community and will not be tolerated. The list below outlines the most common behaviours that are deemed spam. This is not an exhaustive list:

  • Unsolicited mentions, and mentioning Shoplazza staff in topics they have not participated in
  • Promoting a third-party website/blog that has no relevance to the Shoplazza Community
  • Copy and pasting the same topic, or reply across a number of boards
  • Posting generic promotional spots for products, or services
  • Sending unsolicited private messages
  • “Contact me” only replies

Requesting store access

Do not ask for store passwords - if you would like to assist someone use the Collaborator account feature: Requesting access to a client’s store .

Replies that ask for access, without providing any added context such as how you may be able to help are considered spam and will be removed. All replies should provide some value, or sufficient context such as why you might be requesting access.

Report posts containing abuse, harassment, or spam content

If you spot abuse, harassment, or content that could be considered spam, then please let our Community team know so we can review it. We appreciate your help in keeping our Community a safe space.

To report inappropriate content, click on the three dots that appear to the top right of any post followed by Report Inappropriate Content.

Gaming the system / coordinated posting tactics

Don’t abuse likes, solutions, or ranking features found within the Community such as creating multiple accounts and/or colluding with others on likes/solutions.

Don’t create posts with the intent of having a specific user or one of your other accounts provide a solution.

Moderation in the Community

Moderators at Shoplazza have the responsibility of monitoring the Community and enforcing the Code of Conduct and Community Guidelines . To enforce these policies, some actions that can and will be taken by Moderators include:

  • Editing or removing topics and replies
  • Revoking private messaging abilities
  • Temporarily banning access to your account
  • Permanently banning access to your account

In most situations, Moderators will provide warnings via private message before banning a user from their account.

If you have questions about the Shoplazza Community Code of Conduct submit a detailed email to support[at] so the Community team can provide assistance.

Legal Disclaimer

The information provided in this forum is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal, financial or business advice by Shoplazza. You should consult your own attorney or other experts before relying on any information available in this forum. Some of the information contained in this forum is provided by third party users. Shoplazza is not responsible for such content, and does not approve, verify or otherwise endorse such information. All information in this forum is provided only as general information and may not be accurate, up to date, or correctly reflect the current state of the law or the policies of Shoplazza or any third party providers. Shoplazza expressly disclaims all liability in respect of any or all content in this forum.